Let’s find something new.

You just made an App and you want to get it out there. Or maybe you want to find games and apps you wouldn’t otherwise come across, because seriously, the app stores.

That’s why we exist!

I Made an App is a place where Indie and Solo developers can submit their apps at no cost so they can be found and showcased, and it’s a place where potential clients and customers can find those apps without having to dig through the mess that is the app store.  Awesome, right?

Please go to the submissions page in order to submit your apps!

What are the requirements for submission?

  1. Apps must be completely, absolutely, 100% indie or solo projects.  Our desire is to help those with little or no marketing budget to get much needed exposure for their products, and we’re not interested in featuring applications that are backed by huge publishers or AAA developers – they have enough money and exposure already!
  2. Apps should be polished, complete, and usable! We want to showcase quality work, not more of the drivel you already have to sift through on the app stores!

That’s pretty much it!


Thanks for checking out I Made an App!