The Review Queue | I Made an App

Here, you can see the apps that we currently have ‘on deck’ in our review process! Just because we haven’t gotten to them yet doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be easy to find!

The order of this list does not necessarily indicate order of review time.

In Review or Waiting for Review

Beastmancer | I Made an App | I Made an App


By Autarca

Free, Alpha, Windows

Pastry Factory | I Made an App

Pastry Factory


Free (Not yet released) Android

Shadowspear Knight's Quest | I Made an App

Shadowspear Knight’s Quest

By Updeito

Free, iOS | Android

Pinny McBallface | I Made an App

Pinny McBallface Pinball

By Mousemob

Free, Android

Strings - Ultimate Cross | I Made an App

Strings – Ultimate Cross

By Liger Group

Free, Android

Casual Arcade Volume 1 | I Made an App

Casual Arcade Volume 1

By Inexorable Games, LLC

Free, iOSAndroid

Won’t Review

The apps below are apps that we have decided that we won’t review.  There are many reasons for this, and we won’t go into detail as to the why, but we’ll still list them to be found!

AcroCopter | I Made an App


By Peter Lipcak

Free, iOSAndroid