FUN Rating
Fun Rating - 4 | I Made an App
Replay Rating - 3 | I Made an App
Originality Rating - 4 | I Made an App
Playability Rating: 3 | I Made an App

Great fun, new take on the genre

But needs a little control love and tweaks to make it perfect




Overall Rating: Good | I Made an App

The Game

The setup behind Square Triangle Circle is that we have three basic geometric shapes, who are friends, that have signed up to compete in a race of some sort.  A race that is full of vicious spikes, endless pits, (we’re assuming) electrified floors, and deadly walls. Your goal, should you choose to embark upon the adventure, is to guide these three hapless shapes through the booby-trapped expanse of this race, shifting characters in and out in order to avoid the various pointy things in your way.  Square is hard-headed and bashes walls, Triangle is able to jump, and Circle, well, he rolls.

Part Geometry Dash, part Endless Runner, and part basic platformer, Square Triangle Circle is a good, if at times extremely challenging way to get your game fix!

The Great

Square Triangle Circle | I Made an App

Roll, little guy, roll!

Square, Triangle, and Circle, for being so simple in design, have a ton of character, and their effervescent optimism will have you rooting for them and wanting more! Clean lines, simple design, only the occasional interstitial ad interspersed between deaths, for a free game, STC is pretty solid. The music and sound effects are appropriate for the game, and won’t cause you to mute the phone out of annoyance.


Honestly, STC has a certain charm that inspires replay – even when scrolling through apps on the phone, just seeing the icon is enough to bring to mind the thought of playing it again.  The game brings jusssssst enough challenge to not cause rage-deletion on the fourth try.  That said, while the interstitial ads aren’t terribly intrusive, they happen often enough to warrant significant  “downtime” between sessions, especially after seeing the same Bubble Witch Saga 29.5 or Game of War: Fire Age: Weapon of Destiny: Cash Money Y’all ad repeatedly.

The Not So Great

Our biggest issue with Square Triangle Circle has to be on restarts.  Often after dying, you’ll restart at the beginning of the level (unless you passed a checkpoint), which is fine, except there seems to rarely be enough time to change to the appropriate character before the next obstacle. A great example of this is Level 3, where you must be Triangle to clear some jumps, but if you died as Circle or Square, you’ll have just enough time to react and change your shape, but not enough time to jump, adding another attempt to your already growing count.

When you cross a checkpoint, you have the option of watching a video to continue.  Great way to create a reward system that brings money to the developers, but it’s difficult to decide to watch a 30 second video ad when you know that on your next death there’s a good chance that you will be faced with another interstitial video as well.  We’d be far more likely to watch the checkpoint videos if that were the only advertisement.

Finally – the load times can be a bit lengthy, though this is primarily due to the engine, not the game outright.


A fun, cute, and challenging runner with a few extra ways to die not usually found in it’s peers, Square Triangle Circle is a great way to keep yourself entertained.  Best of all, it’s free, so there’s no excuse to not give it a try!

Price: Free!

Download On: iOS | Android

Developed ByWonder Maru