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Fun Rating - 4 | I Made an App
Replay Rating - 3 | I Made an App
Originality Rating - 4 | I Made an App
Playability Rating: 5 | I Made an App

Simple Responsive Gameplay with Great Visuals.

A great way to challenge yourself and pass the time!



Overall Rating: Great! | I Made an App

Snoozing Salesman | I Made An App

Bossman don’t like underproducers – so STAY AWAKE!

The Game

Developers Description:

Are you bored and are you looking for a simple game to make you sleepy and drowsy? Go ahead and play Snoozing Salesman and you will definitely become sleepy (if not addicted)! In Snoozing Salesman you are an office worker and you are in an office dip . Your objective: try to sleep as long as possible! Watch out though, your boss is sitting right behind you, so do not get caught! If you work at the office and you have dozed off before, this game might relate well to you!

The Great

Exceptionally simple gameplay, accessible to anyone. Snoozing Salesman is a one-finger tapper where you have to keep the poor fatigued, probably bored-out-of-his-mind salesman from falling out of his chair or knocking over his monitor while he takes a stealthy nap at the office. Salesguy will drift from side to side as he snoozes, and you tap to keep him awake.

Visually, you can tell that HDGameStudios really put forth the effort to create graphics that were appealing and simple, yet appropriate to the game. There’s enough background elements to create the idea of being in an office, with subtle movements (the clock ticks and the sun pulses in the background as the bossman does whatever a bossman does).

The monotonous ticking of the clock brings to mind the oppressive purgatory of cubicle life and the music is subtle and atmospherically appropriate rather than trying to be the star of the game.  Well done!


Snoozing Salesman is simple and accessible, it’s fun to play, and randomly challenging, meaning every playthrough has the ability to be different, which is refreshing to see in a tapper. Good to have on standby for a quick challenge or distraction during stressful/down times.


Fun, simple, and free with no ads! What more can you ask for? Download today and help this wretched salesman keep his job!

Price: Free

Download On: ios | Android

Developed ByHDGameStudios