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Fun Rating - 5 | I Made an App
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This Game is Hard

And that’s ok, because it’s simplistically beautiful and easy to play.


Rise | I Made an App

Looks innocuous. It’s not.


Overall Rating: Great! | I Made an App


The Game

Developer Description:

Drag and bounce, see how far you can rise! Simple and beautiful graphics yet competitive, can you rise to the challenge?


The Great

Simple controls (drag to create a line for the ball to bounce on), completely appropriate music (once you get good enough to hear more than the first four notes) and graphics that just feel indie (we have no idea what indie feels like, exactly, but it’s gotta be something similar to this), Rise is a great example of a game that doesn’t have nearly as much exposure as it should.

Oh, it’s frustrating, there’s no doubt about that, but somehow it’s worth that frustration…

In Rise, you are trying to lift a glowing orb up a rather precarious cave by drawing lines on the screen for it to bounce on. Once the ball bounces once, the line disappears, and you’ll need to draw another one to keep the orb alive.  Watch out though – if you hit one of the spiky balls or either sharp edge of the cave, it’s game over.

No second chances here!

The ball bounces according to the angle of your line, so you’ll need to develop your accuracy in order to keep your adventure going.


Simple enough gameplay and short sessions means that Rise is a game for pretty much any period of downtime and the reasonable display rate of ads means you won’t be rage-quitting after seeing the same ads over an over again.

What we’d love to see

Rise is great – really – and there’s not much we’d like to see improved.  It would be great, however, if the music would continue to play during the game over screen, and into the next play session, to take away some of the repetition of the first couple of notes when you’re still learning to play. It’d also be great to see the colors change and fade as you move through the cave to add interest to the game.


Responsive, intuitive controls, simple-yet-challenging gameplay, and some pretty dang good music makes Rise a solid addition to your casual games library.  If you’re a fan of difficult arcade-style games, get it, and you won’t be disappointed.

Price: Free/Paid

Free Download On: ios | Android

Paid ($0.99) Download On: ios

Developed ByAnton Liljeberg


Posted by Rise on Wednesday, February 8, 2017