Do you like ads?  I heard you like ads.

A game with no redeeming qualities.

  • Fun Rating: 10%
  • Originality Rating: 10%
  • Replay Rating: 10%
  • Playability Rating: 10%
  • Difficulty Rating: 50%

Overall Rating:


The Game

Orbit Rush Crazy Wheel Jumper & Rolling Sky Free | I Made an App

This is an accurate representation of gameplay

Developer Description:

An addictive Planet Orbit controlling space Game.
All you need to do is tap on screen to speed up the planet movement. You have to avoid collision with other planets.

Survive as long as you can and complete as many orbit as possible.

Challenge your own high score ,compete with your friends scores and compete globally with players all around the world.

Orbit Rush is a disaster. It’s a ripoff of many other games already doing well on the app stores, the animation is choppy and unoptimized, and we honestly experienced more advertisements than gameplay.

Your goal – should you even get to it – is to tap to move your little circle to either the inside or the outside of a circle with little barriers/blockers that will end your game if you run into them. Gameplay is slow at first, eventually ramping up to faster and faster speeds with every successful circuit around the larger sphere.

Watch out for those barriers though! If you hit one, it’s game over, and you’ll be asked if you want to continue from your current location and score. Should you chose yes, you’ll need to watch an ad… and then choose yes again, to watch another ad… to be dumped right back where you were, ready to crash again, so you can, you guessed it, watch an ad. Any button you press on the game over screen will reward you with an ad, so you might as well just go watch ads.



Orbit Rush is virtually unplayable in the first place. We have no desire to play it again.


Orbit Rush was clearly designed to spawn ads, not gameplay. Skip it.

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Price: Free!

Download On: ios

Developed By: Bilal Mirza