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  • Fun Rating: 80%
  • Originality Rating: 80%
  • Replay Rating: 50%
  • Playability Rating: 80%
  • Difficulty Rating: 80%

Overall Rating:

Overall Rating: Decent | I Made an App


The Game

The Lair | I Made an App

You’ll be seeing this a lot

The Lair is a free based game with a lot of old school flair. It kind of feels like a cross between Castlevania, Double Dragon, Street Fighter, Streets of Rage, and Mega Man.

You’ll understand once you play it. Because you are going to play it.


The Game

Brilliant pixel art, spectacular parallax animation that feels like it’d be right at home on an NES (though we doubt it could handle that many layers!), excellent sound effects, snappy controls, and an initial difficulty level that belongs in a late 80s arcade cabinet… what’s not to love? We only wish it were longer!

The Lair is a great play, and while it’s essentially a demo of more to come from the developer, it’s got enough to stand on it’s own. Truly, with the inclusion of a few more levels, it could easily do well on the app stores as a $2.99 download. Your goal is to defeat what appears to be a great evil residing in – you guessed it – The Lair, which you can only get to by working your way through the enemies that guard the prior two levels. Along the way, you’ll fight skeletons, banshees, and acid-spewing imps, who will sometimes drop potions that increase your health or the damage you deal.

Controls are tight and snappy, and hit boxes are just tight enough to require you to get in a little too close for comfort, adding to the challenge and enjoyment!

We can’t wait to see what else Jakub has to show us in the future!


The Lair, while short, contains most of the polish of a big-name release from a AAA dev house, and is absolutely worth a few moments of your time. Play the game, and buy the instruction manual to support the developer – you won’t regret it!

Have you played The Lair? What did you think of it?

Price: Free!


Developed ByJakub Wasilewski