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Fun Rating - 4 | I Made an App
Replay Rating - 3 | I Made an App
Originality Rating - 3 | I Made an App
Playability Rating: 3 | I Made an App

A New Look to an Old Standard

It’s okay.


Knight Trail | I Made an App

Onward, Sir Knight!



Overall Rating: Meh Plus | I Made an App

The Game

Knight Trail by Daniel Shneor is a game where you must connect different emblems across a grid by tapping on one icon, and dragging to the other. As with other games in the genre, if you cross a path while tracing a new one, the old one will break.


Fun Rating

Knight Trail, while full of fun, unique illustrations of dragons, and a solid interface, doesn’t bring anything new to the genre of “connect point a1 to point a2, connect point b1 to point b2”.  It’s essentially a face-lift to the sorts of puzzles

you’d find in those brain twister magazines at Barnes and Noble in the late nineties. While Knight Trail does contain music and sound effects, the music quickly becomes repetitive, as do the sounds, as every time you complete a path someone, presumably the titular Knight, utters an odd sort of laugh. You’d be well served to play with the sound off!

In the opening level set (5x5 grids), you will complete levels so quickly that the ads-every-three levels (and yes, of course they are unskippable video ads) will soon grow tiresome. There’s also a very noticible set of bugs regarding the video ads – two play at the same time, and the music from the game doesn’t stop, so you end up with a cacophony of sound, yet another point for ‘sound off.’


Right off the bat, after installing, before we’d even had an option to play the game, we were assaulted with an offer to rate the game. We passed on that, as we’d had no opportunity to actually form an opinion on it yet. On subsequent startups, as soon as the game loads, we’re presented with yet another video ad.  This, combined with the ad issues expressed above, limit the desire to start the game again.


While the art is (very!) appealing, Knight Trail is still essentially just a rebranded version of an old standby.


Knight Trail is playable, and it’s interface is actually quite good. Unfortunately, the issues with ads get in the way of making it an enjoyable experience. Actions are responsive, and we found that things behave the way we expected them to. New level packs can’t be earned, they must be bought, and the inclusion of so many ads makes us feel like we’ve paid for it already.


Knight Trail is a game built upon a classic mechanic, with solid graphics and a decent+ interface. It’s a shame that the developer chose to overload it with so many advertisements as to make it a chore to play.  Play it for the first level pack, and then move on.

Price: Free

Download On: ios

Developed ByDaniel Shneor