Good News!

Through submissions via our Submit Your App Page and our own sleuthing, we’re starting to get a pretty decent backlog of games and apps that need to be reviewed.  This is a great development because it means two things:

  1. People are finding out about I Made an App (awesome for everyone!)
  2. Developers are submitting their apps for review (free publicity, hooray!)

We knew it would happen eventually: we’d reach a point where we had more games and apps to review than would be reasonable to review on an instant basis, so we’d planned for that eventuality.

Introducing the Review Queue!

Wanna see what we’re working on?  Great!  Head on over to the Queue and get a preview of what’s coming down the pipeline.  You can also check out some games and apps that we’ve decided not to review as well – because even if we don’t review the app, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be visible to others!

Wait – I see an app I submitted in the “Won’t Review” section.  What gives?

If you see your own app in the “Won’t Review” section, it’s kind of a bummer – we get that.  We should have sent you an email already outlining the situation as to why, but in case you missed it, here’s a list of the reasons that apps may end up unqualified for review:

  • App is a blatant reskin or ripoff of another app, especially AAA/trending titles.
  • App is in an ‘unfinished’ or ‘incomplete’ state
  • App is not suitable for this site
  • App’s review would have been so poor that it’s better for all involved that the review were not posted.

We are generally pretty ‘nice’ in our reviews – no one wins if a reviewer just tears the reviewee to shreds, so we usually tend to review on the more ‘favorable’ side of things and allow the customer to form their own opinions. If we review an app, it usually means it’s worth checking out, and if it ends up in the “Won’t Review” section, it probably isn’t.

So – enjoy the new feature, and Like, Share, and Submit Your Apps!