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Fun Rating - 5 | I Made an App
Replay Rating - 4 | I Made an App
Originality Rating - 5 | I Made an App
Playability Rating: 5 | I Made an App

Hulabear is one of those games that makes you go ⊙ω⊙

But that’s ok, because it not only embraces the weird, it amplifies it and makes it great.


Hulabear | I Made an App

Hulabear, you’re the man.


Overall Rating: Great! | I Made an App


The Game

Developer Description

The hula-hooping, bear-jiggling, arcade tapper! Tap to hula, collect salmon, avoid poisonous fugu and defuse blowfish! Earn picnic baskets full of hats, mustaches, bear skins and more!
Out-hula your friends and rise through the ranks of the Hulabear leaderboards.

The Great

Our first thought at seeing Hulabear was literally “No. No way is this going to be good”. You know how it is – so much of the stuff on the app stores is just recycled dreck and designed to be just weird enough to get your attention so you’ll download the app and generate some ad views. We were very, very wrong.

Hulabear is incredible. It’s weird – you’re literally a Hulahooping bear in a forest. You’re trying to eat salmon that is inexplicably falling from the sky (while hulahooping). You’re trying not to eat Fugu that’s also inexplicably falling from the sky. And, of course, you’re trying to pop blowfish (what else?) before they explode (???), that are, yep, you guessed it, inexplicably falling from the sky. Oh – and if you manage to keep the hulahoop spinning in the ‘sweet spot’ long enough, you’ll be rewarded with ‘star power’ where Hulabear gets in the groove, freeing you to feast on a veritable deluge of salmon.

Hulabear is Robot House’s first foray into the App Store marketplace, and it’s a grand one. Packed with picnic baskets full of costume parts, such as flaming chefs hats, golden handlebar mustaches, melon-themed fur, and a frozen walking cane (to name a tiny fraction of what’s available), these simple rewards are actually fun to unlock and equip, though we’re not exactly sure why. But it doesn’t matter – because it’s awesome.


Hulabear himself is so full of determination to complete this mission (which we assume is) to be the best Hula Hooper in the forest. Perhaps, in the world. It’s contagious. We want him to win, to see success at his goal – it stirs something inside us. That desire to succeed at that one thing that makes you, you.

Usually, when reviewing apps and games, we’ll use it for a while, get a good feel about it, write the review, and move on. That’s not really the case here – Hulabear deserves to be replayed.


Hulabear is the very definition of original.


Hulabear’s blind determination, bizarre outfit options, outstanding originality, and easy-yet-challenging gameplay sets it firmly in the category of “Get it. Now.”

Price: Free

Download On: ios

Developed By: Robot House