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Fun Rating - 3 | I Made an App
Replay Rating - 2 | I Made an App
Originality Rating - 3 | I Made an App
Playability Rating: 5 | I Made an App

For those times when you’re bored and need something to do.

Once or twice anyway.

Hot Air Balloon! | I Made an App

Sometimes, simple is good.


Overall Rating: Meh Plus | I Made an App

The Game

Hot Air Balloon! is a very simple game, to put it… well, simply.  There’s not much to do with it – you tap to go back up, and the balloon will fall all by itself, back toward the ground or the dangerous peaks below. Your goal is to increase your score as much as possible by collecting shiny gold coins nestled in the valleys of the mountains.

But don’t be fooled by that description – it’s not that easy.

The Great

Hot Air Balloon! has some pretty decent visuals – it’s not ugly, is what I’m saying.  The tap controls are responsive, the game loads quickly, and the menus are laid out in a very straight-forward way. The level of challenge is on the high side, and this can be great for quick play sessions, when you don’t know when that next call is going to come in or when your doctor will finally call you in for that appointment that was supposed to start an hour ago.

The game is also as difficult as you want to make it – you can tap consistently to keep your altitude up until you see a coin that’s in a place that you feel comfortable falling into – and there’s nothing chasing you or any environmental hazards to contend with, other than the mountains.

From an ad standpoint, they aren’t terribly annoying, just a footer ad and an occasional interstitial. We could find no way to pay to remove ads.


To be completely honest here – there’s not a whole lot of intentional replayability in this game.  You probably won’t be pining for another session when you’re sitting in a meeting about Bob’s lunch-thief hypothesis, but it’s one of those little games that’s nice to keep on your phone when you’ve got nothing but your thoughts, and who wants to think?

The Not So Great

Hot Air Balloon! is very reminiscent of the helicopter games of old, where you had to press space to keep from crashing into the floor, but can’t press too much or you’ll hit the ceiling (who flies a chopper in a cave in the first place?!).  It does, however, add a bit of a different challenge to the genre with the addition of the coins – if you don’t grab the coins, you won’t get any points.


If you’re bored and need a quick thing to play for a minute or five, give it a go.

Price: Free

Download On: ios

Developed Byanthony pelayo