FUN Rating
I Made An App | Fun-ness Rating | 4
I Made An App | Replay-ness Rating | 3
I Made An App | Original-ness Rating | 5
I Made An App | Accessibilityl-ness Rating | 4

What if Pac-Man and Minecraft had a baby?

Well, you’d get Hammer Bomb – Creepy Dungeons! – that’s what.  Well, minus the crafting anyway =D

The Setup

It would appear that you’re an old, seasoned, possibly retired or about to be retired commander, sitting peacefully in your home near your collected treasures, when someone rushes in to inform you that all your men are captured! Now, you must rescue them all, moving through complex mazes, defeating mobs, collecting gold, and completing quests.  Presented in a quite original FPS Pac-Man style (more on that in a moment), Hammer Bomb – Creepy Dungeons! is extremely easy to pick up and play.

The Great

Visually, Hammer Bomb is on point – complete with a tried-and-true retro-voxel style, smooth animations, and simple but effective menus. Controls work well for the most part, and the challenge curve per level seems to be pretty solid.

Hammer Bomb is definitely an original mashup of existing games – you run around a maze, picking up dots… er gold coins… opening chests, rescuing soldiers, picking up weapons, and getting ridiculous (if somewhat repetitive) quests. Yes – you need to chase a taco through a maze for experience.  No – it doesn’t make sense, but who cares?

If you manage to snag the titular Hammer you’ll find yourself in a Pac-Man style invincible-kill-everything mode, running around swinging the hammer wildly, smashing mobs with reckless abandon.

Surprisingly, there are also boss levels that are executed rather well.


Hammer Bomb is moderately re-playable – it’s purpose seems to be focused mostly at a pick-up-and-play level.  You’re not likely to find yourself sitting down for an hours-long gaming session. Fortunately, while the game is ad-supported (you can pay to turn them off), it’s not obtrusive or overly annoying save for the occasional Mobile Strike non-sense, and the ads don’t significantly negatively detract from the experience.

The Not So Great

The in-game upgrade store eventually grows too expensive for reasonable non-IAP upgrading.

The controls, while simple and swipe-based, sometimes experiences a delay with input, leading to missed turns and accidental traps!


Hammer Bomb is a great game for casual sessions and is absolutely worth it’s download price of zero dollars.  Even if it only gets you through one time of waiting for Uber or a haircut, it’ll have done it’s job.


Price: Free

Download On: ios | Android

Developed By: Crescent Moon Games (Site offline)