Functionality Rating
Functionality - 5 | I Made an App
Usability Rating
Usability Rating - 5 | I Made an App
Execution Rating
Execution Rating - 5 | I Made an App

Brilliantly Simple, Functional Application for Watching Your Data Usage

A far cry above what your provider supplies, executed flawlessly.




Overall Rating: Great! | I Made an App

Bytes | I Made An App

Beautiful, intentional, clear execution. Can’t be beat!

Developer’s Description

Bytes helps you keep track of your data usage. It shows you how much data you’ve used on both the mobile network (3G, 4G, LTE, etc.) and WiFi. Updated for iOS 10, the app features a beautiful minimalist design. With the ability to set data limits, monitor your daily data usage, send nightly notifications and more, Bytes helps you stay informed about your data usage.

Bytes uses Background App Refresh to keep track of your data usage – it works best when left open in the background.

Tab bar icons by Icons8. Background photos by Ruzaini Haron.

Note: Bytes does not take into account any carrier-specific promotions. Furthermore, your carrier and / or ISP reserves the final word regarding how much data your device consumed over any given period of time. Bytes works best on 64-bit devices.

The App

In a move that is often quite rare, Bytes‘ developer description is patently accurate.  We’ve not much to say beyond what they’ve said about the app!

Functionality Rating

Information in Bytes is brilliantly displayed in a clean, easy to use format, making it very clear at a glance how much data you’ve used without flashy, unnecessary flair. The user is presented with just enough customization to make it usable, without being distracted by pointless options such as themes or layout changes. Bytes also integrates with lockscreen widgets, allowing you to quickly check your usage without having to hunt for the app itself. Custom alerts and adjustable limits and thresholds make it crazy easy to tune the app exactly to your needs and specifications!

All in all a solid implementation of a feature that is essentially lacking on the iPhone, dressed up in an extremely apple-friendly design!

Usability Rating

Bytes lays out it’s information in a manner that is straight forward and easy to navigate, displaying all necessary information on a single screen (per data type), meaning one does not need to scroll in order to find the information that matters. The settings page is clean and well organized, providing quick and accessible adjustments to all necessary changes, without requiring navigating through multiple levels of menus in order to change what you need to.


Execution Rating

Exceptional execution of the task it set out to complete, without additional features getting in the way.


Bytes is a perfect solution to a problem that we didn’t really realize that we had! It is now a permanent asset in our arsenal of tools, and should be for you as well. Brilliantly usable with exquisite execution, Bytes is highly recommended for all your data tracking needs.

Price: Free

Download On: ios

Developed By: Bharat Iyer (Twitter)