We’ve been there.

There’s many sides to an app release, but we’re focused on two of them:

  • Small-time developers need to get their app seen and noticed
  • Consumers deserve to find quality work that’s not forced upon them by the ‘powers that be’

We’ve been on both sides!  We have made our own apps and games, and struggled to get them noticed, and that’s incredibly challenging. We’re also sick of seeing the same recycled dreck appearing on the app stores – the distribution channels are geared toward those developers that have the most money to promote their product, as well as those who have the most potential to make money for the app stores – pay-to-win, micro-transaction heavy, engineered applications that aren’t really compelling or fun.  There’s a whole world of apps out there waiting to be found!

It’s all about the little guys!

Big Game, Inc | I Made an App

Originality? Originality is for chumps.

There’s a lot of ‘games sites’ out there already, of course. Even some purporting to cater to, or exclusively for, indie developers. In our own experience trying to get our games and apps showcased is that most, if not all, of these sites require some sort of payment for anything better than ‘this app exists’ in their catalog.

The benefits of paying them for their ‘review’ is generally dubious at best.

We’re trying to provide that basic service for free, rather than charging $70-150 just for the honor of being talked about.

We aren’t going to be reviewing or showcasing any AAA developers or publishers products at all, as they tend to ‘steal the show’ due to the massive amount of resources they already have at their disposal.

Consumers are already pretty much told what’s good and what’s not, and it usually comes down to marketing.  It’s difficult to break into the market, even if you have a great product, if you can’t get the word out.

Our business model is a ‘people first’ model rather than ‘make all the money’ one.

Eventually, we’ll likely add some paid services, but the benefit of submitting an app for review, and actually receiving an honest one, will always be free. We’re doing our best to build up a following of developers and consumers so that we can generate traffic and exposure for those whose lives actually will be improved by the proliferation of their hard work. We’re starting from the bottom and working our way up, too, just like most devs…

They say that it takes money to make money… We don’t think it needs to be that way.

How do you promote your apps, or find new ones that aren’t just the same old regurgitations? Let us know in the comments!