A fun new 3D procedural SHMUP

A good little game with great visuals and production values.

  • Fun Rating: 75%
  • Originality Rating: 85%
  • Replay Rating: 70%
  • Playability Rating: 75%
  • Difficulty Rating: 60%

Overall Rating:

Overall Rating: Decent | I Made an App


The Game

Blast Squadron | I Made an App

Bombs Away!

Developer Description:

Welcome pilot! Your primary task is to locate and destroy the enemy. Keep flying, earn money and gain the respect and envy of your fellow squadron pilots. Good luck!

You will start with a basic helicopter that you will need to upgrade or change for a better one. New helicopters are stronger, faster and have improved weapons. Machine-guns, missiles, shields and more.

Blast Squadron is not your typical shooter. Get ready for infinite procedural missions and tons of different enemies. Some of them are, more or less, smart. And all of them are affected by the real-time physics engine and break into hundreds of pieces when destroyed.

The Great

Blast Squadron has a lot going for it: it’s in a classic genre – you can’t beat a shoot ’em up. It’s visually striking, and the sound design is pretty solid. Your mission is to navigate the never ending warzone, laying waste to enemy planes, helicopters, balloons, boats, and tanks. With a 3D procedural engine, every play through will be very different than the last! As you fly from checkpoint to checkpoint (each of which offers you the opportunity to repair your craft) you can pick up crates of money that parachute onto the battlefield, as well as bombs to drop when things get too hairy.

There’s a great in-game achievement system (that also syncs with the Google Games system) that rewards you with in-game cash so you can upgrade your helicopter (and buy new ones!) and – best of all – video ads appear to be optional – you only need to watch them if you want to get some extra folding money for your helicopter collection (please watch one or two, and support the developer!).

Featuring a pretty impressive day-night cycle, your craft will sport a spotlight, while not necessary, adds a lot of visual interest to the game. Enemy helicopters and the various lighthouses scattered around the lands come equipped with a light source as well. Whenever anything is destroyed, it explodes into many tiny pieces of voxel debris, and the very impressive physics engine handles all the little bits bouncing around the screen, even with our least powered test devices (the incredibly inexpensive, yet still very impressive Blu H1) showing not even a hiccough.

What we’d love to see

While impressive visually, and with a very capable engine, Blast Squadron has a few areas where we’d love to see some improvement.  None of this is negative necessarily, we just feel that it could do what it already does even better. Every time you die, you restart from the beginning – and while this is to be expected, as you get a stronger chopper, the first few levels start to feel tedious. It’s not until checkpoint two that you start to get attacked by enemies with some aggressive AI. We’d love to see the planes and boats at the beginning shooting at us to give us something to dodge in classic bullet hell/SHMUP style!


Blast Squadron is a free uniquely styled, fun new procedurally generated SHMUP with minimal ads. Worth the download and a few plays!

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Price: Free!

Download On: Android

Developed ByBlast Squadron Studios