Functionality Rating
Functionality - 5 | I Made an App
Usability Rating
Usability Rating - 5 | I Made an App
Execution Rating
Execution Rating - 4 | I Made an App

A Simple, Functional Reddit Alert Application

Does exactly what it sets out to do, and does it exceptionally well.


Alerts for Reddit | I Made an App

Never leave Reddit behind, baby!



Overall Rating: Great! | I Made an App

The App

Alerts for Reddit by Amanda O’Neal aims to do one thing: easily alert you when subreddits you frequent have new updates.  Through a simple, intuitive interface Alerts for Reddit does this one thing exceptionally well. The free version of the app allows you to watch up to three subs, while the $1.99 paid in-app purchase allows apparently infinite sub subscriptions.

Functionality Rating

It’s pretty much perfect. The app doesn’t require sign in to Reddit, doesn’t have an annoying in-app browser, isn’t full of ads, and does exactly what it’s supposed to without fanfare and flashy nonsense. Styled much like a control panel, you simply have the option to watch the subs you want to watch, and when something new rises to the Hot page (with an option to have everything that rises, or just that which is considered breaking) you phone will show a local notification. It’s extremely elegant in it’s simplicity.

Usability Rating

Many utilities have a bad habit of following form over function, bloated with unnecessary transitions and overzealous animation. In our opinion, these ‘features’, while pretty, detract from the overall purpose of the application.

Alerts for Reddit does not have that problem. The interface is simple, navigation is intuitive and functional. Swiping alerts opens the app briefly so that it can spawn a Safari window to the post that you’ve been notified about.

You’re not required to sign in to Reddit in order to use the app, which is absolutely wonderful.

Execution Rating

Near-perfect execution. The only thing we’d like to see is the ability to watch for all posts that are submitted to a sub, and while this would be obnoxious for some of the more popular subs, it would be quite useful for the less traveled corners of Reddit. There are a few areas that could use a bit more polish, notably the information pop-up and the welcome screen, but neither of these detract from the overall functionality of the application.


Alerts for Reddit is an exemplary example of an application that had a singular vision in mind, and executed it perfectly without feature creep or lofty pipe dreams getting in the way. Highly recommended for redditors, and we’ll be using it from now on as well.

Price: Free

Download On: ios

Developed ByAmanda O’Neal