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Fun Rating - 4 | I Made an App
Replay Rating - 4 | I Made an App
Originality Rating - 4 | I Made an App
Playability Rating: 3 | I Made an App

Easy to pick up with compelling gameplay

A fine example of a puzzle game that’s clearly had a lot of thought and care taken in it’s development.




Overall Rating: Decent | I Made an App

9squared | I Made an App

Clean, simple, and puzzling!

The Game

Developer’s Description:

Match colours, create lines, pop score multipliers, unlock golden shapes and challenge your friends ! Classic puzzle game with tons of new features ! Easy to play at any age !

How to play:
– Drag and drop shapes on the 9x9 board, create full lines of blocks both vertically and horizontally
– Matching the colours is not a condition, BUT it will boost your score and award golden points

Matching Tiles:
– Drag a block over a different colour tile and it will keep its colour. The tile gets the block’s colour
– Drag a block over a same colour tile and it will become golden. The tile also becomes golden
– Drag any colour block over a golden tile and it will become golden

– Complete a golden line and receive a permanent multiplier for that line
– Multipliers can go up to X9 !!!
– Hit as many multipliers as you can for a big high score

Golden Shapes:
– 28 golden shapes to unlock
– Unlock all the golden shapes for maximum high-scores

Timed Game:
– Challenge your friends and see who can score the most in 120 seconds


The Great

Sleek, modern design with an exceptional tutorial process, 9squared is both fun and challenging to play.  Offering two modes – timed and infinite, you must seek to obtain the highest score possible by dragging tetromino-like pieces onto a colored gameboard to form lines, both vertically and horizontally.  Matching shape colors with their corresponding colors on the board turns them gold (as does dropping a piece on a gold square) and completing solid gold lines will net you multipliers for that line!  You earn ‘coins’ as you play, apparently tied to successfully placing a shape on it’s proper color, which you can use to buy bombs (to clear out an area of the board), random multipliers, and to recycle your shapes on the screen.  You also progress toward unlocking ‘golden shapes’ as you play, which will randomly appear in your shape bank on the bottom of the screen.  During your game, you will find various items that popup offering you the opportunity to watch a video for more coins or to add a multiplier to a line.

The game will end if you run out of time (timed mode) or if you run out of moves (either mode).


9squared is fun, and peacefully challenging – unless you decide to have a time lime, there’s nothing stopping you from taking your time, carefully planning your moves. This combined with simple, atmospheric music and clean visuals inspires replay and a desire to do a little better. Unfortunately, 9squared displays unskippable video ads after almost every game, which can get frustrating and limits the length of a play session.


While it seems similar to other games (we feel like we’ve seen it somewhere before…), and definitely takes direction from Tetris, 9squared offers enough new features to make it interesting and compelling.


While overall, 9squared is very well executed and clean there are a few things that get in the way of perfect execution. First and foremost is the ‘ads after every game.’  We understand the need to earn revenue, for sure, but please don’t inundate us with them! The near assurance that a video ad will play after a game means we won’t be very likely to utilize any of the ‘watch for reward’ videos that appear on the game board.  There’s also a slight issue with trying to drop a piece in a spot and the game doesn’t recognize it as a valid placement.


9squared is a calm, go at your own pace, Tetris inspired puzzler with clean visuals and is absolutely worth the download!

Price: Free

Download On: ios | Android

Developed By: Digitype Agency (no known site)

9squared Trailer

9squared is a calm, go at your own pace, Tetris inspired puzzler with clean visuals and is absolutely worth the download!

Posted by 9squared on Wednesday, January 11, 2017